Choose HAPPY.

12:41 AM


It’s the first weekend of August and it’s my first blog post, uhm, I kind of feel like it is my first ever blog! (Since I have abandoned my multiply blog so many years ago!) And so I am going to keep it quick and short today and let’s get it started…

I get easily inspired. I pull inspiration from almost anything and everything - wandering around Paris inspires me, watching an old couple holding hands while crossing the street inspires me, the smell of coffee inspires me, finding pictures in the clouds inspires me, the colors of french macaroons inspires me, vintage furniture from the flea market inspires me, travel memoir inspires me, sunset and rainbow inspires me, kids playing at the park inspires me, blue sky inspires me, fleeting butterfly inspires me. I could go on and on forever about every little thing that inspires me but as I have said I am going to keep it short today.

The typical weekend for me is spending time in my little corner making crafts and being creative or sometimes I just scribble and write, these are my own little way to slow down a fast paced life, these simple activities make me forget about time.

Here, take a peak of what I came up with this morning, with a blank paper, a pen and photo frames I bought a few weeks ago:

SHORT words but strong thoughts waiting to be hanged on our wall! I don’t know yet where but sure I will find a perfect place for it. I just need a little help from my ultimate hunk for some drilling! ;-)

Do yourself a favor - slow down, take a deep breath, do something you love, find a simple pleasure, and always be inspired by life. Life doesn’t have to be a daily race against time. And never forget - choose HAPPY.

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