Hello!  I’m Cynthia, the creative + curious behind this blog. I started this lifestyle blog as a visual diary of my creative endeavors and personal musings.

// I am originally from Manila and now making a life in the suburb of Paris.

// Happiness to me is a trip to an arts and crafts store and to Sephora, a good Sunday lunch in Paris, a quick drive in the woods, lazy weekend with Zabou and the love of my life - my husband, hot chocolate and macarons, crafting + painting beautiful things.
// I love :  to travel + to discover new places, sunshine + fresh flowers, summer + bikinis, pinks + leather bags, productive days + 8 hour sleep, soft pillows + clean sheets.

// I hope you will find, as I did that happiness comes from noticing and enjoying little things in life - Life is indeed beautiful!

// I doodle and create happy things:  www.cynthiarenard.com

email: cynthia@fromparistopureza.com