When the travel bug strikes, the only cure is to pack your bags and go.

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In a few days, I am bound to the Concrete Jungle, the Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps. Oh yes! I am going to New York! I mean, seriously, NYC is one of everyone’s dream destination, who wouldn’t want to have a photo taken in Times Square? Who wouldn't like to see the gorgeous Liberty? Who wouldn’t love to go on a shopping at 5th avenue? *wink*

I am really excited for this trip but my concern is, AGAIN, AS USUAL, AS ALWAYS, how to maximize my luggage space while avoiding excessive wrinkling and of course to avoid paying for an excess luggage! (I always expect an excess luggage every time I go back in Paris though.)

Packing is the only thing I hate about traveling – to pack all the things that I want to bring and to save some room for shopping is a bit difficult, and ahh challenging! I give credit to my hubby for always helping me pack my things- he is really the best at everything! (I love you baby! Big MWAH!)

Knowing what to bring and how to pack a suitcase is essential to being a good traveler, and in this case I can only call myself a traveler not a good one. So here are some tips to help YOU and ME:

First thing to know, most airlines ONLY allow one piece of luggage to be checked in, up to a maximum of 22kg for international travel. And usually the hand carry bag allowance is 7kg, and the bag has certain height and width restrictions too. 

There is nothing worse than arriving in your dream destination without your luggage. It happened to Loic one time he came in Manila, his luggage arrived 4 days later. Pfft. What an experience, it was a disaster! Any smart traveler will have travel insurance, but it pays to be prepared for the worst. The best is to pack your essentials inside your hand carry bag.

~ Make sure all your important travel documents are inside your hand luggage.
~ Pack in some spare of clothes – undies, a pair of socks, a t-shirt or a sweatshirt (depending on whether you’re flying somewhere sunny or somewhere cold) just in case for a luggage loss. And it would also save a bit of room in your checked in luggage for other things.
~ Make sure to take a few piece of paracetamol or aspirin inside your bag, long flights can be very exhausting and can cause you a huge headache.
~ Take note that any sharp objects such as tweezers, scissors, nail clippers and razors must be packed inside your checked in luggage.
~ Pack your in-flight entertainment- a book, a portable video game or your iPad. Don’t forget to take your camera too! ;) You can take a laptop bag in addition with your hand carry bag.


It is very important to determine how much and what kind of clothing you'll need for your trip.
~ Make a list and always remember to pack for the right weather and activities.
The first thing to do when packing is to make a list of what you need while you are traveling. As much as possible pack lightly, well at least try to. Always take away anything un-practical and the things you don't really need, if you are going to a cold place and you have chosen a tank top and skimpy shorts - put it back in your closet! And if you are going on a cruise with multiple destinations remember to pack for different occasions and varying weather. 
~ Lay out all the listed things on your bed.  Having everything spread out on the bed will allow you to see that you haven't forgotten an important thing
~ Roll your clothing. Rolling your clothing when packing enables you to fit more into your suitcase because it minimizes air pockets and it also reduces wrinkling. Rolling your clothing is a technique that you might want to practice first so that you master the art of traveling.
~ Pack your bare essentials first. Packing your bare essentials in your suitcase first will ensure you have the important materials you need. When you know you have the essentials then see what else can fit in your suitcase.
Toiletries should be as small as possible, and packed in sealable plastic bags or any water proof bag for protection against spillage.
~ Save a room for a little shopping! My secret is, I put some of my things in Loic’s luggage, sure that he only takes few of his things and never fill his luggage! This might work for you too! :)

They say, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  Well this is the first step to go a thousand miles – PACKING! And sometimes when the travel bug strikes, the only cure is to pack your bags and just go.  So there, let the wandering begin and remember to pack light and enjoy every journey!

PS: It's my first time to doodle and draw again after my second hand surgery. Sorry for the graphic. Next time I will try to do better than that!

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