The inspiring Talia Castellano.

12:12 AM

Do you know Talia Castellano? Probably you have stumbled on her youtube channel, or probably not! A free-spirited 13-year old girl who do make up tutorials on Youtube. She has this tag line "make up is my wig", she's suffering from two forms of aggressive cancer and lost her hair because of the treatments. She doesn't like wearing wigs, so instead, she wear makeup to look beautiful and to feel beautiful. But with or without makeup, she's so adorable, so charming, and full of life despite of what she's going through.

I have always been inspired by the wisdom of others that are more experienced than I am. I barely even know this kid, but she had given me so much inspiration to love life even more. Look at her, I didn't even notice her baldness because of her great personality! She's extra-ordinary, she's like an angel with a make up!

I really love learning from children, they might not know everything.. But they know what is important. :)

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