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The monthly "beauty box" subscriptions are getting more and more popular in France and all over Europe. Well if you are not familiar of this, you might wonder what the heck is a "beauty box"? It is a subscription plan of a cute little box (complete with ribbon and tissue paper wrapping) with 5 exciting beauty miniatures inside delivered to your door each month. Cool concept eh? It's like receiving product samples to try before buying it in full size!

Plus, I personally like the idea of receiving a box without knowing what's inside! It excites me like a little kid who received a gift and too excited to unwrap it!

So the other day, I received this GLOSSYBOX for November.

 What's inside? 3 HairMed minis, a Raffael Cosmetics compact powder, a little tube of Institut Karité makeup remover. I can't wait to try the HairMed products this weekend - my hair really need this!

The cons of a beauty box, since you cannot choose the products that you will receive each month expect that there will occasionally be the odd product that just doesn't float your boat, and usually ends up giving this product to a friend! Hehe!

Happy Friday everyone! Have you tried any beauty box subscriptions?

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