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I'll be coming home in a week and that calls for an awesome beach bumming, I'll be off to 2 amazing beaches in Ph. Though it will not be my first nor my second time to visit these places, I am still pretty excited just because I desperately need some sun!!

Basking under the sun and sipping a cold fruit shake, these are my typical beach moments; I don't really like watching other people's business when I am at the beach, but you know, there are few exceptions, when a "fashionably-oh-no!" girl basking and lounging next to you, you coudn't help but notice! So I come up with 3 things you must not wear at the beach:

First on my list, colored contact lenses! Oh please! For God sake! Remove those lenses when you are at the beach! And in the first place, why would you need to wear them? It doesn't really make sense to me! The intensity of the sun at the beach is very strong and it can damage your eyes more when you're wearing contact lenses, and it could also be too breezy that can make your eyes dried out. Best is wear good sunglasses to protect your eyes when you are under the sun!

Second, extra-heavy foundation and eyeshadow! A full face of makeup just looks so wrong at the beach or by the pool. Any products you put on your face should be light and sheer or very minimal. I don't say that you cannot wear any makeup at the beach, if makeup helps you feel more confident, then by all means bring it on! But please, do it right! If you can go bare, the better... Just always wear sun protection!

Third, blings, blings and more blings! Big and bold jewelry at the beach look beautiful only in the pages of Vogue and Glamour magazines my dear. When at the beach or by the pool, keep it casual and remove those dangly gold earrings and chunky silver chain necklace! You can just wear something fun, like bohemian accessories if you want to glam up a bit!

You can always be a beach goddess without colored lenses, heavy makeup and blings! Just bring a bag-full of confidence before slipping in your best bikini! : )

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