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I got this lovely set called Mini Mani Month from Ciaté, this is limited edition and was released last advent season. I know this post is quite behind, but these lovelies are really irresistible!

Ciaté, the top British nail fashion brand that is known for their heavenly paint pots, velvet nails and "Caviar Manicure". (Yes, maybe that design is not new and has been around for ages... But Ciaté is the first to try to own the design and style by taking legal action to copyright the name "Caviar Manicure".)

It is gorgeously packaged with 17 of Ciaté's bestselling mini Paint Pots, 4 mini Caviar blends and 3 exclusive Paint Pot glitter shades. These minis come in 5 ml (a full-sized paint pot is 13.5 ml).

A lot may say that Ciaté products are over priced, but this set has a total of 24 lovely mini nail treats for the price of 4 regular paint pots! You also get a little booklet of how to apply the Caviar nail polishes and a mini funnel to be used for application of the caviar pearl (beads).

This set has 24 hatches, that you supposed to open each a day from the 1st of December until Christmas - quite fun, right? And inside each door is a mini nail treat plus some facts and quotes!

1.Cupcake Queen 2.Dangerous Affair 3.Halo 
4.Caviar-Prom Queen 5.Caberet 6.Angel Wings

7.Cutie Pie 8.Vintage 9.Mistress 
10.Ladylike Luxe 11.Caviar-Bumble Bee 12.Twilight

13.Glass Slipper 14.Speed Dial  15.Headliner
16.Big Yellow Taxi 17.Power Dressing 18.Caviar-Sundance
19.Cookies and Cream 20.Magic Carpet 21.Fade to Greige
22.Caviar - Sundance 23.Mojito 24.Enchanted Rose

They are the prettiest nail polish I have ever seen, known for their satin black bow that look so preppy! Quality wise, you get what you have paid for... It is so easy to apply, dries extremely quickly and it can stay on my nails until 4 days without chipping! Although the 3 exclusive glitter shades are a bit stubborn that I need to apply 3 to 4 coats for it to look pretty well.

Where to buy a Ciaté? Ciaté is available in these official stockists : HERE

And if you happen to be in Philippines, the good news is... *drum rolls* you can now avail Ciaté products... Here and here!

Accessorize your fingers and toes with Ciaté's chicest colors! What's your favorite?

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