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Ola! Today is the day to celebrate love and kindness! So let's talk about LOVE, true love! Oops! Before you roll your eyes, hear me out! Do you know that researchers from Stonybrook University in New York found that true love does IN FACT exists and lasts a lifetime? The studies were done using brain scans, but if you are not convinced yet, I will let this news clip [here] do the talking!

And because love is one of my admired topic, heart is my favorite shape and pink is my desired color, and just because I am in love today, and always... I am sharing to you some photos of my recent holiday in Philippines with my one and only true love. *batting eyelashes*



(location: Shangri-la's Mactan Resorts & Spa, Cebu Philippines)

Hayyy Valentine's Day! I know, beneath its sugary exterior, it's often a day fraught with expectations, introspection, and anxiety. To all the lovers out there, keep loving! And here's to the singles and to the virgins at 30, one day you'll find your true love... But just a piece of advice, stop waiting for this day to happen - GO and start flirting! *big smile*


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