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Ola! As promised, another beauty from Look Beauty! Now, let's talk about achieving longer, fuller lashes. Have you ever tried any mascaras from Look Beauty? Or have you ever heard about them? They actually have three, in cute names - Stretch Factor, Oooomph Lashes and Lash Attack. All promising extra volume, added length, and lash definition but as we all know mascaras are all pretty much similar but all mascaras are not made equal, you will know what I mean. I love all these three obviously because they come in "very Cynthia" packaging, it feels like they were made for me. ;')

These are all in Ultra Black shade, there's no claim to be waterproof but they are very long lasting and great for a daily beauty. They are not flaky and clumpy, they are not difficult to remove and not heavy.

By the way, mascaras with waterproof formulas are too tough and difficult to remove for everyday use. And for this case you  have to rub hard to loosen the color or to remove it entirely, so there's a chance your lashes will break. I suggest to save your waterproof mascara when you really need it, like attending your bestfriend's wedding or watching a sappy old movie, and not for everyday use.

LASH ATTACK: "Super boost your lashes with fibre tips. It's our longest flutter yet!"

OOOMPH LASHES: "Fatter lashes mean a hotter look and more defined eyes. For mega-volume and then some, this will give even the finest of lashes a boost."

STRETCH FACTOR: "If gorgeously long is your cup of tea, then this is your tube of mascara! Super stay, super long, super sexy, like Lash extensions in a bottle. Tip: Look down into the mirror and wiggle the brush from root to top. Coat the outer corner lashes with the tip of the wand too for extra length."

I told you, they are not made equal. Just like any fairy godmother, they come in different wands. Well I guess it is somehow about the shape of the mascara wand that makes a difference.

Lash Attack comes with a rubber bristles, this is my favorite among the three. It flexes with movement unlike regular bristles, which can be stiff and hard to control. Lash Attack gives more presicion and it is gentle on the lashes.

Ooomph Lashes comes with an oversize classic brush with a tapered end and a densely packed bristles. This gives an extra-thickness and more volume, giving you that "ooomph"!

Stretch Factor is with a comb-like bristles. And a wand with evenly spaced bristles are the best choice to separate, define, and lengthen lashes, but they don't add much volume.

Overall, all these three glide on very smoothly, though I need to apply at least 3 coats to get the results that I want. But then, lashes stay silky, clump and flake-free through multiple coats. They are well-formulated and can last for the whole day without smudging. For the price of £6 to £7 each, it's a bargain.

And there's a good news! Look Beauty has an on going promo... Dig in, girls!

Happy Friday!


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