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RED LIPSTICK - the universal classic makeup item that is an absolute must-have for every woman. The sexy and the alluring, the chic and the classy, and it simply never goes out of fashion. The dramatic, and the timeless – for a modern look that oozes glamour, red lipstick has it all (just like the Little Black Dress!) It denotes boldness, sexiness and sophistication. Ohhh, I kinda like these last three words! 

Here, two of the favorite gorgeous deep red lipstick: Russian Red and Ruby Woo. MAC lovers, can you tell which is Russian Red and which is Ruby Woo?

Both are mattes (Ruby Woo is a retro-matte) and part of Mac's permanent line. Both has a classy finish and looks great on almost all complexions. Both are extremely pigmented with zero sheen and stays longer, which I really like. 

These two has pretty much the same color or shade, I cannot even tell which is which when applied. I love MAC's mattes but I am not an expert so I can hardly tell. The only difference that I see is that Ruby Woo is more dry compared to Russian Red, it doesn't glides on the lips. And because it can be more drying, you really need to moisturize your lips first before applying it.


Make up experts believe that the fuller your lips, the redder the lipstick you can carry. The red lipstick perfectly compliments fuller lips. If you have thin lips with not a very well defined arch, stick to lighter shades of red bordering on pink or orange.

Can you tell which of the two I am wearing? Whether you are wearing a Russian Red or Ruby Woo, always remember to keep the rest of your face minimal. This is the most important thing you should pay attention to when you want to create that fabulous red lips.

If you are still having second thoughts about red lipstick, just picture this – A Marilyn Monroe, an Elizabeth Taylor or Angelina Jolie would have never had reached the iconic status of "fashion divas" without a little help of a humble red lipstick.

Go out this weekend and find a perfect red lipstick for you... And start channeling your inner diva with a coat of red lipstick! Btw, I am wearing Russian Red on the photo, but I personally prefer Ruby Woo. ;)

Update: Another RED MATTE lipstick from Mac - DIVA! Swatches here!


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