Benefit Cosmetics : BOI-ING

12:57 AM

Sleepless plus hangover because of partying and clubbing last night? Hide those dreadful "panda eyes" and conceal your dark under-eye circles. How? Simple. By using a concealer!

To con•ceal/ Verb
1. Keep from sight; hide.
2. Keep (something) secret; prevent from being known or noticed

When choosing a concealer, you should consider both consistency and color. Here is my favorite concealer, Boi-ing from Benefit. It is described as industrial strength concealer, it blends perfectly to conceal both under-eye circles and pimple related skin imperfections and it last the whole day!

What Benefit says about it: "This award-winning concealer camouflages dark circles, minor imperfections and discoloration without creasing or fading. Even better… the industrial-strength formula is now available in FIVE shades, with a full range from light to deep. Now all gals can be imperfection-free."

Boi-ing in shade #4 Medium/Deep

Though it is very seldom that I have dark circles, but sure I have few visible blemishes and Boi-ing provides a good coverage. It doesn't cake, crease, dry out, or wear off and it looks completely natural, just be sure that you don't apply too much layers.

Boi-ing is available in 5 different shades from light to deep, which makes it easy to find one that will suit any skin color. It comes in a 3.0g circular pot with a lid that twists off for the price of 23€! Pricey? Well, this 3.0g will go a long way.... Use sparingly - with a fingertip, dab Boi-ing on the areas you want to conceal and pat gently to blend.

Have you tried Boi-ing and the new Fake Up concelear also from Benefit? How do you like it?


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