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Woohoo! I was one of the lucky 250 who received a Do It Yourself Denim Kit from Bershka.

So here's "MINE OF 250" - from a classic skinny jeans to a trendy dungarees.

I wanted to do a step-by-step tutorial for this, but unfortunately I was really enjoying doing it, and I didn't notice that it was almost done and too late to take some photos! So just to give you a little idea on what you can do with your old denim pants, here's a sneak peek...

I call it "eco-friendly treasure chest!" I received this probably 10 days ago, and I did my DIY denim last week end.

What's at stake?
A chance to win a trip to one of the best kept secret festivals "In The Woods" in London. I want to experience this badly. I mean, I can go to London anytime I want to, but to attend such event, I think it's really going to be a great experience! *crossing my fingers*

The kit includes a pair of denim jeans and the things you'll need to customize it. A few little pieces of fabrics (lace, camouflage, faux leather and denim), paint and paint brush, studs and nailheads, stones and pearls, threads and needles, sand paper and an iron-on sticker sheet. So basically, everything is there! You'll only be needing a pair of scissors and you're ready to D-I-Y!

The first thing to do: CUT IT! Then let your creative juices flow and your imagination works!

I wanted a playful twist but not a "trashy" looking DIY denims - so I made a short denim dungarees, out of  the skinny denim jeans.

I cut it into a short shorts and I used the other portion for the "bib" part of the dungarees.

To keep it feminine, I cut a floral pattern from the lace fabric included in the kit and neatly hand-sewn it. I love how it appeared like a nice embroidery. I also added some pearls and stones to give some pretty details.

Crop tops look great under a pair of dungarees and they are the biggest trend this summer!

What do you think of this DIY? 
I seriously enjoyed doing this... Universe, please take me to that festival in London! Haha!

PS: Don't mind the remote control, I know some of you can relate with this. LOL

Love love..


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