How to keep your lips protected?

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I just returned from my recent trip to Marseille and Cannes, I had a great time and enjoyed my summer in the french riviera once again. Sunglasses, bikinis, flip flops, a good book, are the few things that I brought with me, and of course a lip balm.

I am a sucker for lip balms and I am always in a hunt for something fruity. Well, not all lip balm is equally effective. *wink* I am liking Kiehl's and I always think that it is one of the best in the market. I like EOS and Chapstick too, but I wanted to try Carmex this time.

Everyone of us know the importance of protecting our skin against the sun exposure, we always take sun cream everytime we go to the beach, right? But did you know that our lips are at a greater risk of developing skin cancer than the rest of our skin? The skin on our lips is paper thin and extremely delicate, which makes them extra vulnerable to the sun's harmful rays. Our lips have much less melanin than the rest of your body, and we should always protect them from the sun.

Carmex® lip balm 7.5g jar in Cherry, Carmex® lip balm 10g squeeze tube in Cherry and  Carmex® lip balm 4.25g Click Sticks  in Pomegranate

All these Carmex lip balms smell really good and pretty effective for its price. It helps to moisturize and relieve dry, chapped lips, as well as helping to prevent damage caused by the sun, cold and harsh environments. In addition to this, it has SPF15 - a great accessory for any outdoor activity

Here are 2 other things you can do to help you keep your lips protected aside from wearing lip balms:

Choose your lip gloss carefully – Lip gloss is diferrent from a lip balm. And because of its shiny and reflective nature, some dermatologists claim that applying lip gloss and then going under the sun is equivalent of taking a magnifying glass and focusing the concentrated sun rays directly on your lips. Uh-oh!

Opt for a lipstick instead – Since a lipstick has more pigment than a lip gloss, using one will provide you with a better sun protection. Matte lipstick especially has an advantage over glosses because they are less reflective and it has the most coverage of lipstick formulas.

I know you've never realized how harmful some lip products could be. So if you're going to wear a lip balm, a lip gloss, or a lipstick, choose one that has a high level of SPF included in its formula. :)


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