New York, New York

5:41 AM

So, surprisingly, if you want to use the luggage cart at JFK airport in New York,  it would cost you 5 dollars! Well I am not complaining... In Manila, luggage carts are free of charge but to use the airport you need to pay a terminal fee! *face palm*

Paris to New York  is roughly around 7 hours direct flight. Loic and I landed earlier than the estimated time but wasted 2 hours on queue at the immigration. *another face palm* From JFK airport to Manhattan, probably 50minutes by taxi (always expect traffic). We stayed in a nice hotel in Broadway and just few baby steps away from Times Square.

Fastfoods and restaurants are all over the place! Our favorites were Apple Bee's and Bubba Gump (both are very american),  we spent average of 60 bucks per meal for both of us. Servings are really huge and soda glasses are enormous, with a free soda refill! Very american eh? We also liked this italian restaurant named Serafina, they are serving home-made pasta and  pizza. (Their pasta is really really good, I must say!)

Getting around the city is easy but to discover and enjoy the streets and avenues of NYC, you need to do a lot of walking, not an ordinary one but a very fast walking, just like the New Yorkers! By the way, they walk extra-fast every morning with a coffee in hand! I even saw a woman walking while reading something on her Kindle! And I was like, "Seriously? Multi-tasking while walking?". In Manhattan, you will never get lost! They are famous having a grid plan, that makes really easy to go around. If you are too lazy to walk, you can just take a taxi and tell the driver the name of the street and avenue where you want to go. NYC taxis are less expensive compared to taxis in Paris, and obviously they are really cute, for me they are like honeybees along the streets of New York or I can simply describe them as smiley emoticons with wheels and meter! ;)

"In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh.. There's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York.. These streets will make you feel brand new.. Big lights will inspire you, let's hear it for New York New York, New York.."
My favorite part of my first New York trip was visiting the Empire State Building! The view of NYC from the 102nd floor was just breathtaking! 

Work hard and enjoy life. Dream and live. Travel and go places. Love and love more. Go back to New York.

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