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Louis Vuitton has been manufacturing fine quality travel bags and handbags for over 150 years. And it  is one of the most forged and counterfeited brand in the fashion world due to its image as a status symbol. And the fact is - only a small fraction of products bearing the LV initials in the general population are authentic.

So the question is how to spot a fake and authentic Vuitton bag?  There are many ways to distinguish authentic Louis Vuitton from a replica! I am not an expert but having surrounded with LV replicas all around Manila and authentic Vuitton bags in Paris helped, plus some research and owning a few too.

So here you go:

The logo placement. Authentic Vuitton products always have the logos placed symmetrically. A Louis Vuitton product will never have the LV logo cut off, if the logo appears half on and half off the purse, wallet or whatever, it's obviously fake! The authentic LV monogram is usually (with the exception of some vintage pieces) symmetrical from side to side in all monogram styles (traditional, Multicolore, Cerises, Mini mono, Vernis etc.) the LVs are in relation to the handles, sides, quatrefoils etc.

The stitching. Stitching should be very even and straight. Louis Vuitton places the same number of stitches in the same locations on similar bags. So if you know a particular style of handbag has 5 regular stitches across the top of the leather tab, you can spot a fake if it has only 4 stitches.

The Fonts:  Louis Vuitton uses a very specific font.  Nowadays, a lot of counterfeiters have begun to do a better job at knocking it off. So be very careful. Notice the VERY round "O"s.  If the bag has oval "O's" it is fake! Real Louis Vuitton type font has very circular, almost perfectly round, O’s.

 Note: It is neatly imprinted but my camera is out of focus.

Made in Spain?  Yes, while it is true that the first authentic Louis Vuitton is made in France, for over 25 years, Louis Vuitton has also produced bags in the USA, Spain, Germany and Italy.  It is not true that a Louis Vuitton bag has to be marked "Made in France" to be authentic. (This bag was bought from Louis Vuitton store in Champs-Elysées in Paris yet it has a mark made in Spain.)

The leather. Examine the leather (the purse itself, not the strap). Louis Vuitton is well-known for their high quality luxury goods. Fake: The leather is rather hard, tough, and rough. Real: The leather is silky-smooth. Louis Vuitton uses oxidizing natural cowhide leather that turns a dark golden honey color over time.

The detail. Louis Vuitton uses brass and gold metal hardware, not gold painted plastic. The zippers should also have the letters "LV" neatly imprinted and the zipper is extremely smooth.

The date code. All authentic Louis Vuitton bags made since the early 1980s should have a date code, which is two letters followed by four numbers. If your bag has a variation of this formula or none at all, it is probably a fake. You can find the date code hidden inside the bag.

The packaging. A real Louis Vuitton comes with a high-quality dust bag that perfectly fits the bag. The dust bag is made from beige cotton with neat, tight seams, they are not made out of cheap material and do not have rounded edges. It also has a tiny tag inside that says the dust bag is 100 percent cotton and made in India.

When you buy from Louis Vuitton store it always comes with tags but they are NEVER attached to the bag.  Other designer labels like Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Coach will do this - but at Louis Vuitton - tags are usually tucked into a pocket or included in an envelope that comes with your receiptTake note that the bag handles and hardware are not wrapped with a plastic or with a tissue, NEVER.

And when buying a pre-loved Louis Vuitton in an online auction, do not be fooled, do your research, ask for additional actual and detailed photos from the seller and check the official Louis Vuitton website, if the piece is of horrible quality or a non-existing style then it is a fake. Avoid online sellers who offer no return policy.

Louis Vuitton never do 'SALE' and never give DISCOUNTS! There is no such thing as a Louis Vuitton "wholesale list" or "closeout liquidation". You must be careful when purchasing from any websites that are not authorized by Louis Vuitton. The ONLY authorized site by Louis Vuitton is

Louis Vuitton does not include authenticity cards with their bags. If the seller is offering  a Vuitton bag with an authenticity card (creditcard-like), the bag is fake. If you are living in Philippines, you can see a lot of these LV bags with authenticity card in Greenhills shops and facebook online stores. Whether it’s Quad.A, Triple A, B, or whatever, it is still a replica slash counterfeited, IT IS NOT AUTHENTIC! Buying such is the worst investment you will ever make! Of course I can understand the temptation to buy a Vuitton replica that you can get for only 80 usd. Sure, it is an enormous difference on price but an enormous difference on QUALITY too! An 80 dollar bag that will only last maximum of 6 months, and after awhile the leather starts to peel off versus 1000 dollar authentic Louis Vuitton bag that you can keep a lifetime (with a proper care of course) -- you get what you have paid for! They are not fad bags and they are made to be classic while styles may change. Authentic Vuitton bags are water resistant and they say that it is also fire proof (?) - in this case I care less for I don't want to try. :p

Question: "When do Louis Vuitton bags get annoying?" Answer: "When you can't afford them!" LOL. Just kidding!
Disclaimer: This blog post is intended to give information and not humiliation. So if you love sporting your counterfeited Vuitton bag or any fake designer bag, I seriously don't care. And WARNING: Never make "spotting fake Vuitton" the most important thing in your life. Never make it a hobby especially when you are in the Philippines and chilling with your mean girlfriends around Makati area. *wink* 

Love and peace to you all!

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