How to help your fingernails grow stronger? Then add gold, colors and shimmer.

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I love growing my nails long for it make my fingers look longer and really feminine. I am lucky enough to have naturally hard and strong fingernails. If you are not as lucky as I am there’s this home remedy to help your finger nails grow stronger. I have learned this from my mom; just peel the shell off of the garlic clove, cut it in halves and rub it on your finger nails for a few minutes a day, leave it for about 15minutes then soap it off. 

I am one of the very few girls who really doesn't enjoy goin to salon or having mani and pedi. I don't know why but I am not comfortable sitting there for hours while someone's doing your nails done. Not really my way of pampering myself. My own definition of pampering myself is being under the sun at the beach with a fruitshake on my side even just for a day. Or if time (slash the season) doesn't allow that, I go buy myself something cute and inexpensive. I do my mani and pedi by myself, my mom used to do that, and she was also the one who cuts my hair (good memories, good times!)

Oh, did I mention something cute? Check out this 70's inspired Rollergirl nailset from URBAN DECAY. The colors featured in this kit are neutrals with pops of pink and purple, that's why I love it, really gorgeous bunch of colors to play around with. The colors are: 

~ Fame (taupe shampagne with shimmer) 
~ Superfreak (brass with fine gold glitters) 
~ Xanadu (magenta base with chunkier purple glitters) 
~ Miss T (cool toned magenta) 
~ Woodstock (hot fuchsia pink) 
~ Love Train (opal with shimmer -gold or silver undertone depending on the lighting)

Painting your nails is fun and exciting but growing your nails can take some time but with extra effort to protect your nails you can avoid having to start over with the growing out process, right? 

This "sexy shimmer, shocking vibrancy and funky glitter – it's all in this kit of 6 stunning, must-have shades" as described by UD, they are formulated without toluene, formaldehyde or DBP, in other words they are non-toxic. 

Remember to choose nail polish, hardeners and cleaners carefully. Some nail care products will ruin the surface of your nails or make them dry and brittle. 

Here are other ways on how to avoid making your fingernails brittle:

~ Don't bite your nails.
~ Don't wear artificial nails, the glue may damage your real fingernails.
~ Always moisturize your nails to keep them hydrated and healthy. This will make your nails less likely to break and crack.
~ Let your nails breathe. If you do not need to wear nail polish, do not apply it. This will lessen your need to use a nail polish remover that can cause the brittleness of your nails.
~ File nails gently toward the center. In a upward motion. Never back in forth! If you have nails with a rough edge, they could snag on things that cause your nails break.

Happy Sunday ladies! Love yourself then add gold, colors and shimmer! Love life!

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