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Okay, seriously, I have a lot (a lot) of places that I want to visit on my list. Considering that I am turning 30 in less than 18 months, I cannot visit even a quarter of my list within that short span of time. So realistically, these are my top 3 "must-visit", plus NYC for "must-return".  

Venice, Italy
I am a fan of love and romance, and one of the most well known and romantic images portraying Venice is the gondola. I want to experience it, of course with my knight in shining armor. I am dreaming of a romantic gondola ride after eating an authentic italian gelato and tiramisu. Sounds good, eh? 


Rome, Italy
I have numerous encounters with Rome, through architectural books, through my history of architecture class, through several films, etc. I'm gonna quote this asian proverb,  Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. And the idea of a traditional oven baked italian pizza and a creamy cannelloni before visiting the Colosseum? Sounds good too, eh?

Machu Picchu in Peru, (or maybe anywhere in South America)
I think visiting Peru is like experiencing National Geographic in reality. The ancient ruins, the lost empire, it is like being in an Indiana Jones and Lara Croft scene. I am curious with the Peruvians (the local people) and their culture and interesting history.

** Photos are from google images.

I am going to be the happiest @30 if I visit even 2 of these places.
I know, it needs a lot of saving, and saving means less shopping and less travel to Manila. I think I will just visit Ph once a year, since I've been going back and forth every 5 or 6 months which is, I must say, physically and financially draining. Just so you know, Paris to Manila is roughly 16 hour flight, with the jetlag, the thermic shock (it's really a serious change of weather and temperature, believe me) AND people are always late everytime you meet them, stressful! Me, whinning? YES! :p

One of my "life's list" is to set foot on six out of seven continents. So far I have been to five… I'm taking my time! :)

Universe, please make this happen.


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