You are a woman, BENEFIT from it.

1:08 AM

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones" ~Helena Rubinstein

Here's to all the "lazy ones", let me introduce you to my bff slash my shoulder to lean on during the times of laziness or let me call it, morning rush... 

*drum rolls* 

My 4 Benefit favorites! Meet BadGal Lash (mascara), High Beam (for highlighting), BeneTint (lips and cheek tint) and Dallas (powder blush).

These pretty little things will never go wrong, just give yourself 3 minutes before leaving your house and rushing to your office or to your appointment. Who gives a damn if a beautiful and confident woman arrived 3 minutes late? Nobody. (But bring with you an alibi, just in case. Lol)

What I like most about Benefit aside from the quality - the sassy names, the witty tag lines, the chic packaging - everything is beyond adorable, everything is very creative and attractive.

Among my 4 favorites, BadGal lash and BeneTint are a 'must-have!' BadGal lash, the "sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes, It's as BAD as you want to it to be", need I say more? BeneTint, this will give you a natural looking pinkish cheeks that you can also use as lip stain. The bottle may look really tiny, but mind you, this will last almost forever... Just a few drops and you are ready to go! (I have been using mine for nearly a year now and I use it very often, check the photo how much I've used!)

Dallas, the soft dirty plum powder with a low degree of shimmer suits my naturally tanned color just so fine and I love it to the highest level!  HighBeam, this will give you an etheral glow, you don't need to wear this everyday at work, probably just during the days that you feel extra-beautiful, you know, those days when you receive your paycheck. ;)

I promise you, these Benefit favorites will change your life. Ok, that's a little melodramatic. But let me tell you something, you are a woman, start treating yourself accordingly. You have to put yourself up on a pedestal before anyone is going to look up to you. A very light blush, mascara, lip tint and a big confidence might do a magic. :)

Happy Monday little daydreamers!

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