Get the right bikini for your body type.

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If you happen to be my friend on Facebook, you can probably tell that summer is my favorite season and I love the beach. And you're surely annoyed with my numerous photos wearing bikinis and aviators (I am deeply sorry for that!) Bikinis, swimsuits and sunnies are one of the fashion inventions that I am really thankful for.

And like a shoe, when the bikini fits, buy them in different colors! I just bought these three fab monokinis from NUDO Swimwear last week. NUDO is a Philippine local swimwear brand but THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE (I know, tangkilikin ang sariling atin). Checkout their store and facebook page for awesome pieces!

*** Photos from NUDO facebook page
I am probably overwhelmed with excitement because we just booked our next trip to Manila, yeahh home sweet home! And that calls for another side trip to the beach with my baby love! Where to go? We don’t know yet!

I know some of you will be heading to the beach this coming school break. Do you want to look "extra-fabulous" on your next trip to the beach? Getting the right bikini which flatters your body shape will absolutely give you a good head start.

Here are some few basic tips on the types of bikinis for showing off your best assets while concealing the "less desirable" according to your body shapes.

If you are small on top just like me, you can rock bandeau tops and tiny triangle tops or a demi-bra with padding for a little oomph. And to create an optical illusion of a fuller top, you can go for a printed horizontal stripes, ruffled tops and embellishments or "froufrou". 

If you are the opposite which is big on top, you may need an extra support. Choose tops with supportive wide bands and underwires. Tankinis will be perfect for the job too. 

If you have short legs or torso, high cut bikinis will look best on you, showing more legs will make you look taller, avoid bottoms that are wide-cut. Wearing a solid color bottom and a printed top will also draw the eye upwards, elongating a short torso. 

If you have narrow hips, low rise bottoms, string tied at the sides look flattering on you for it provides an illusion of wider hips.  And one thing to remember, bright colors and printed patterns emphasize shapes and curves.

If you have an athletic or boyish build, the sexy maillot or a monokini (one-piece suit with cut-out details) is perfect for you. This will help to draw more attention to curves that are not always so obvious for it provides a look of a smaller waistline.

If you have an overall full-figure, don’t be hopeless!  Dark colors will always look best on you, but never opt for a boring and plain black swimsuit. You can go for deep purple or deep bronze, for sure it will flatter your figure with some taste and class.

There's always a perfect swimwear for every figure, so don't despair, love! And never forget to bring some sunscreen protection and huge amount of confidence. If you don't have enough of it, fake it... and then the real confidence will follow. *wink*

PS: While writing this, I am dreaming of some sunshine, fine white sand, clear blue sky, quiet sparkling sea, a pina colada on my hand. I am dreaming of going back to the places where I have spent sunshiny-good-times – Saint-Tropez, Nice, Cannes in the south of France, in Rio de Janeiro, in Pattaya Thailand, in most of the fine beaches in Philippines. Can anyone take me back to any of these places? Let me tell you, it is autumn, the leaves has started to change its color and in a few days it will start to fall… And before I know it the first nip of winter will be in the air… Gray sky, short days and long nights, I don't seriously relish these thoughts. 

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