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Just a quick blog post before my super long flight!

After reading good reviews about NYX products I decided to try it out for myself. It's goin to be my first time to use this brand because it's a bit difficult to find NYX in France and I totally missed to check  last time I was in New York. Reading great comments about this budget brand, I really wanted to try it... But my problem was, where to buy it? (Nyx Cosmetics doesn't offer worldwide shipping!)

Of course Ebay is one of the answers! It is a fantastic place to get items that are not locally available. I love virtual window shopping on eBay, I can spend my whole day browsing this marketplace! And sure I had good bargains and great finds, I usually wind up buying accessories, craft items and washi tapes but I never bought any cosmetic and beauty products on eBay... Because when it comes to shopping for cosmetics, I am very careful. I've found quite a lot of counterfeited beauty products like eye shadows, lipsticks, glosses, brush sets and fragrances — all offered at prices that are too good to be true! A lot of scammers are out to make a quick buck, while there are  few honest sellers out there too.

But since I am only looking for NYX products, the price is just a dirt cheap and not even a fraction of a high-end cosmetic brands like MAC  (the most copied high end makeup brand) I feel quite confident getting some NYX products on eBay, of course after doing some research on NYX official website.

And talking about honest seller, I stumbled on this eBay store JOY'S COSMETICS, she is selling mostly NYX products from lipstick to palettes, brushes to other accessories. US-based, with a good eBay ratings and positive feedbacks. So here, a mini NYX haul... 

If you are buying NYX products or any cosmetics online and in other retailers, remember that common sense will take you a long way. If a deal seems too good to be true, take care!  For most people, common sense will help you spot obvious fakes, but the counterfeiters are getting better and better at making their junk look like the real thing... Just be careful! : ) 

That's it for now! See you, Manila!

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