Girlfriend Getaway!

8:17 AM

Alors, I am back in France! That was another awesome 3 weeks of my life - well spent with my family and friends back home, good food and good laugh.


Who wouldn't love the idea of a weekend girlfriend getaways? The chance to be away of all responsibility and get away from the work loads, and go a girlfriend vacation is a chance that just about everyone would jump at.

Just so lucky enough to be surrounded with great beaches in the Philippines! Boracay offers a perfect vacation for everyone almost all year round. With the perfect weather and the gorgeous beach, the vibrant nightlife, not forgetting to partake of the vibrant food scene! This tropical paradise is a haven for girls looking to get away from it all. The gorgeous sunshine from sunrise to sunset, the crystal clear sea and the blue sky, the bikinis and the perfect tan. I have been here for the nth time, this is one of my favorite place on earth where I have spent good times with people really close to my heart.
Here is to life's great adventure and memories made in between.
Every friendship has a story, and this is ours - 12 years and counting! 

So, like everything else in life, if you want it you'll find ways to make it happen. Now call your girlfriends, book a flight, pack your bags and go. Sometimes just the simple urge to travel with no limits and no itinerary is the best... Just go and build memories.

Then again, I am back! ; )

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