DIY Easter Bunny Felt Bookmark

1:58 AM

Good morning everyone! It's Easter Sunday and it's time to spring forward (when our clocks are moved forward by one hour) meaning to say I am now only 6 hours behind from my family and friends back home. Here in France (and other parts of Europe, I suppose), they celebrate Easter on Monday instead of Sunday and they call it Lundi de Pâques. So tommorrow is a public holiday but I'll be flying to Barcelona for some work, just for a couple of days though.

Well then, HAPPY EASTER everyone...
I got some DIY treats for you - nothing beauty, just a pretty little bunny!


 DIY Easter Bunny Felt Bookmark

1. Prepare all the materials you'll need:

2. Cut your felt fabric following the shapes below, it is all up to you which dimension or size you wish to have. Mine is roughly 2.5cm wide and 12cm long. This will be the body parts of your easter bunny bookmark:

3. Now you need to do some "not-so-serious stitching" - running stitch would be just fine just make sure it is neatly done. So stitch all the felt parts together, first will be the breast then do the eyes and nose embroidery (I missed to take a photo of this step, sorry!) Then stitch all the ears and feet plus the backing:

4. Then you are done! You can put some felt embellishments like a little bow or a little carrot. I have decided to put a little flower to give a cute touch of spring!

5. Voila! My little bunny is so girly!


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