How to spot fake BENEFIT COSMETICS?

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So first and foremost, I intentionally bought these fake Benefit products just for this blog post. Meaning to say, upon seeing the price of these products on eBay, I already knew that these were fakes, and I bought it on purpose.

I have a bunch of Benefit products, authentic ones, and by using it most of the time I became familiar with the texture, smell and basically how the packaging looks like. Although the cheaper counterfeits that are flooding the market may look authentic, real and legitimate - they are getting better and better in copying everything - there are still simple and little ways to spot the fakes from the authentics...

Come on and let's play spot the difference. I have here two Benefit products, The Porefessional and They're Real. I have both the authentics and the counterfeits.
Can You easily tell which is which? I bet not.
The first "The Porefessional" photo is the authentic and so with the first "They're real"! 

Now, let's get into the little details...
Check the font and graphics. Notice that "the Porefessional" has a slightly different font weight and the graphics of the authentic box has a lighter and soft toned. Btw, the fake Benefit box has a super matte-coated material.

Look at the logo. The Benefit logo is also different... The authentic, letters E and F has a space in between and not ovelapping.

Take a close look at the box too. Authentic Benefit products are always neat and well made. If it come in a poorly made boxes with exposed cardboard, gaps and awefully glued edges, then it's fake!

Benefit products always come with a code on the box which matches the code on the product inside. A lot of fakes don't have any code at all, so you know it's not authentic... But as I have said, counterfeiters are getting smarter in copying the authentics! If the item comes with a code on the box, check if it matches up with the code on the product inside. If the products do not have a code, or their codes doesn't match the box, it's fake.

The fake "The Porefessional" is taller and sleeker, and comes with a "pearly white colored font".

Of course, examine the texts, the wordings and the labels. You can easily tell that it's fake when you see a typographical error - and this is common with counterfeited products. (Chinese aren't good in spelling?! Kidding!)

The formulation and consistency. Authentic "The Porefessional" leaves you a silky smooth feeling, it has a beige color and sweet scent. The fake gives you the opposite - sticky texture, a bit of old rosy pink color and too chemical scent!

Aside from the labels, color, box, texture and formulation, you can also tell that it is fake just by examining the weight of the product. Fake products usually come half of the weight of the authentic products.

Now let's see if this fake "They're Real" looks real!
On this photo, the fake is so obvious with a cheaply made box. :)

The counterfeiter of this "They're Real" did a great job - the bottle looks superb and authentic! Just a little unlikeness of the font color! But don't get easily be fooled by this "Made in Somewhere" little bottle, open it and you'll know that it is fake just by its scent - awful chemical.

Another thing, authentic "They're Real" has a fatter and longer mascara wand. The fake has a thin and shorter wand and has a super hard plastic bristles.

There are loads of little differences with the authentics and the fakes, just have a good look, and be careful.

Why refrain from buying fake and counterfeited cosmetic products? Basically, fake products may contain potentially harmful ingredients like lead, copper and mercury to arsenic and cadmium, a metal which is highly dangerous. These counterfeited products do not abide any rules and regulations unlike the authentic cosmetic manufacturers, who carefully controlled and scientifically tested their products before releasing it to the market.

If one day you spotted a high-end mascara or a primer online at a bargain price,
think twice.

Shop wisely.

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